2017 Christmas on the Chesapeake 133-Edit-Edit.jpg
AAU National Track Meet 018.jpg
Alex first Communion and Mother's Day Weekend 562.jpg
Baseball on Memorial Day Weekend 176.jpg
Carnival Cruise To Bahamas 003.jpg
Carnival Cruise To Bahamas 085.jpg
Carnival Cruise To Bahamas 112.jpg
Carnival Cruise To Bahamas 184.jpg
Christmas 2017 364.jpg
Christmas 2017 367-Edit.jpg
First Communion & Mother's Day 518.jpg
Junk and trials 023.jpg
Labor Day Weekend 024.jpg
Memorial Weekend Party 787.jpg
Miguel Office shoot 074.jpg
National Harbor in MD 010.jpg
National Harbor in MD 034.jpg
Thanksgiving 2016 127.jpg
Carnival Cruise To Bahamas 749-Edit.jpg
Birthday celebrations 040.jpg
Christmas Day 064-Edit-Edit.jpg
AAU National Track Meet 284.jpg
Chicago Concert 004.jpg
Eclipse pictures on Canon 7D 062.jpg
Excalibur Cup and Track Meet 1024-Edit.jpg
January 2018 Blue Moon 017.jpg
Miguel's 40t Birtday Party 991.jpg
squirrel thief 003.jpg
Thanksgiving 2016 123.jpg
Carnival Cruise To Bahamas 521.jpg
Christmas 2017 315.jpg